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Equal Employment Opportunity

Who Are We?

The Equal Opportunity Office staff serve as special staff to the Joint Force Headquarters of the Minnesota National Guard.

How Can We Help?

We serve as the focal point for all Minnesota National Guard military, civilians, and technicians in the areas of Equal Opportunity (EO), and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies, programs and issues.

The Minnesota National Guard Equal Opportunity Office increases the readiness of the entire Minnesota National Guard by fostering and facilitating an environment of human dignity, respect and diversity through compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended in 1974 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1974 and updated in 1990.

What is Our Mission?

To ensure high deployment readiness of all Minnesota National Guard personnel by fostering an environment of respect, growth, and human dignity.

What Do We Do?

The Minnesota National Guard Office of Equal Opportunity, formulates, directs, and sustains a comprehensive effort to ensure fair treatment of all Soldiers and Airmen based solely on merit, fitness, and capability. We develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate the Equal Opportunity (military) and Equal Employment Opportunity (civilian) policies and procedures for the employees of the Minnesota National Guard.

MNNG-EO will assist subordinate commands in establishing requisite staff positions in their offices and make resources available to adequately carry out EO and EEO program requirements. We coordinate Minnesota National Guard EO and EEO personnel training, we develop information management and reporting requirements to determine the progress made toward EO Action Plan goals, and establish and manage all aspects of EO and EEO training across the MNNG force.

What is our End State?

We ensure our measures are consistent with applicable laws, regulations, policies, Executive Orders and command needs. In doing so, MNNG-EO creates and sustains effective units by eliminating discriminatory behaviors or practices that undermine teamwork, mutual respect, and loyalty.

Results of the 2013 Organizational Command Climate Survey

This year’s survey was administered from April through May to over 2,400 currently serving members and employees. The survey was lengthy, but also specific to the MNNG by including questions built exclusively to query the uniformed and non-uniformed members. This assessment gauges respondent feedback on 13 organizational effectiveness measures, seven equal opportunity areas, and five free-form write in questions.


  • Job Satisfaction of Workforce – rated 4.0 “Satisfied” out of a 5.0 point scale.
  • 91% of members know who to call if they or another member are in crisis.
  • Organizational effectiveness measures and EO areas all outpace NGB average.
  • Overall EO behaviors in the organization are prevalent and perceived discrimination was low.

Opportunity for Improvement:

  • 12% of respondents report discrimination occurs, unchanged from FY12.
  • Although sexual harassment discrimination was down 8% from perceptions in FY12, 65% of respondents perceive barriers to sexual assault reporting.
  • Non-uniformed members perceive far less trust and cohesion in the organization than uniformed members of the MNNG.
  • 40% of the MNNG does not perceive opportunities for career advancement.