Full-Time Jobs in Minnesota

Full-Time Jobs in Minnesota

If you are interested in Minnesota National Guard full-time vacancies, please contact the Human Resources Department at (651) 282-4155 or DSN 825-4155. The application process for Active Guard Reserve (AGR) vacancies and Excepted Service Technician vacancies is very different. DO NOT send applications for Excepted Service Technician vacancies to the Minnesota National Guard Human Resources Office.

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Application Procedures

Excepted Service Technician Application Procedures: There are three (3) options to apply for positions listed below in order of HRO preference:

Option 1 - The applicant completes an online questionnaire and uploads supporting documents (OF 612 and AGO 163 at a minimum) electronically.

Option 2 - The applicant completes an online questionnaire and faxes all or part of their supporting documentation (OF 612 and AGO 163 at a minimum) to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at 1-478-757-3144 using the OPM supplied fax coversheet.

Option 3 - The applicant submits the questionnaire and supporting documentation (OF 612 and AGO 163 at a minimum) in hard copy via the OPM fax number (1-478-757-3144).

Candidates must review the “How to Apply” tab for instructions to complete the questionnaire. Online questionnaire is specific to each vacancy announcement and must be completed prior to uploading or faxing supporting documentation to OPM.

For questions regarding Excepted Service Technician application procedures, please contact Human Resources at (651)282-4127 or DSN 825-4127.

AGR Application Procedures: NGB Form 34-1 and supporting documentation (listed in vacancy announcement) must be submitted on or before the closing date of the vacancy announcement. Applications must include vacancy announcement number and job title the applicant is applying for. AGR applications must be E-mailed to ng.mn.mnarng.mbx.assets-hro@mail.mil